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Sound Strike announces Sound Strike Songs

Artist Boycott of Arizona, Sound Strike announces
Sound Strike Songs. This exclusive collection of songs will be for sale at with proceeds from sale of Sound Strike Songs and memorabilia going to the Sound Strike Fund. This Fund donates needed resources to families caring for children in Arizona whose parents are detained or have been deported, immigrant rights organizing and legal defense.

Arizona is a place where Maricopa County Sheriffs carry toys to calm the nerves of children whose parents are physically pried away from the arms of their children. Those immigrant parents are detained without bail or access to public defenders. The need for legal defense is great as is the need to provide assistance to the guardians, usually family or neighbor, that take in these emotionally distressed children while their parents are held by the Arizona immigrant hater prison system.

Exclusive “Bright Eyes” track for The Sound Strike.

Sound Strike Artists Conor Oberst and his band Bright Eyes will release the first official song online, Coyote Song. The Song to be sold at The proceeds from the sale for this song online will benefit The Florence Project. The Florence Project is a nonprofit organization that provides free legal help to immigrants caught in the detention and deportation system in Arizona.

In an open letter to Artists Conor Oberst said, American ideals of democracy and liberty are built on the foundation that all people, regardless of race or country of origin, deserve fair and equal treatment by the government . . . We’ve all seen the power music has to spread messages of solidarity and hope.”

Purchase ‘Coyote Song’ and the Video for $2 here!:

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