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Message to Sound Strike Artists, Sisters and Brothers

I wanted to personally thank you for joining the Sound Strike and your support of the immigrant communities in Arizona and across the country. For me, Sound Strike is more than just a coalition of Artists participating in the International Boycott of Arizona in the wake of the passage of SB 1070. Sound Strike artists are helping to galvanize a new generation of political ideas that reject old ways of thinking while affirming that we are all equal. We have already had a lot of success.

We are not alone. We are a part of an international boycott of Arizona. Across the world hundreds of cities, nations, organizations, universities and professional athletes have united in solidarity against the repressive Arizona policies of hate. Thanks to all of you we have played a huge role
The Sound Strike has received a massive amount of press and has helped to create an intense entertainment industry discussion about the role of artists in attacking bigotry.
Sound Strike has been covered in over 290,000 online sites. We have gotten over 40,000 press stories, including, Washington Post, Spinner .com, Huffington Post, BBC, Univision Internacional, MTV and CNN. We have also had over 3,000,000 visits to our web site and have close to 300,000 views of our videos.

The Sound Strike boycott has already had an impact on the Arizona economy and political leadership. Businesses in Arizona are pressuring for change. The State is feeling the economic boycott as a reported loss of $10,000,000 in tax revenue has already been lost. Our boycott has been joined by over 400 artists. Countless bands have cancelled shows including Kanye West, Conjunto Primavera, Pitbull, and Cypress Hill while few artists have scheduled performances in Arizona. The international boycott is also a big issue in the current race for Governor in Arizona.

Artists are also helping to provide needed resources and support on the ground. On July 21st Rage Against the Machine and Conor Oberst held a press conference to discuss our opposition to SB 1070 followed by a benefit show that raised close to $300,000 for organizing and legal defense in Arizona. We have already had a major victory when Conor helped stop the implementation of an SB1070 copycat bill in Nebraska.
While recently some provisions of the law were enjoined, the mean spirited and fanatical persecution of immigrants continues. Law enforcement agencies in Arizona engage in protracted and fanatical harassment of immigrants. Thus, grass roots leaders in Arizona have reiterated their strong support for the International Boycott of Arizona, including the Sound Strike.

To the right of this letter are links to some videos I feel tell the story of why the Sound Strike must not only continue, but do more. Nothing is more telling than the real life impact these attacks on immigrants have on children. The videos speak for themselves.
We will be upgrading our web site and announce some major events and concerts. I hope we can perhaps speak soon about this. Please look for Sound Strike Artists updates in private emails or free to feel contact Javier Gonzalez at (213) 598-8907 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (213) 598-8907      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or
To lay down a track for the Sound Strike Songs online fundraising contact Marco Amador at 213-215-0738. Again, thank you for the support and I look forward to communication to and from artists of Sound Strike.
In Solidarity and Unity,
Zack de la Rocha


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