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Noël Martin, Neo-Nazi victim supports Soundstrike

german  Noël Martin, Neo-Nazi victim supports Soundstrike

Noël Martin, Neo-Nazi victim who was attacked in Germany in 1996 and has become a quadriplegic as a result has put his voice behind the Soundstrike movement. He stressed that he  is happy to support this anti-racism international initiative.

Noël Martin is known not only for being the victim of an attack that shocked Germany, but also for the dignity of his response, which includes the foundation of a charity to promote racial tolerance.

“Each year I bring kids who are potential neo-Nazis here to meet other kids of all colours and creeds,” Noel Martin
said in 2006 . “When they meet other kids and start to play, they soon forget about colour. They’re just kids. It’s the parents that put things in their heads.

“I’ve always believed that when a man is born and lives, their name should be stamped down somewhere for something they did, because otherwise, three months after your funeral, nobody will remember you were there.

The racist neonazi attack on Martin occurred 1996 in Mahlow, a town in the former East Germany where the Jamaican-born Briton was employed as a construction worker.

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