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Soundstrike Berlin – International artists against racism and war.

Artists from the U.S. first started the project in the spring of 2010 to protest against a racist immigration
law (SB1070) in the U.S. state of Arizona. At the same time they reject to perform Arizona.

Now more than 500 artists support the Soundstrike, including Rage Against the Machine, Mos Def,
Anti Flag, Immortal Technique, Kanye West, Ozomatli, Cypress Hill, Manu Chao, Nine Inch Nails, Sonic Youth.

Civil rights organizations in the US support the network, along with filmmakers like Michael Moore, authors such as Noam Chomsky
and many others who support a so-called Word Strike.

In late July the alliance organized the LA Rising festival in Los Angeles
The U.S. band Rage Against the Machine e.g. played in front of 60,000 people at the sold out Olympic Stadium in L.A.
The festival included infotables of the anti-war movement, trade unions and civil rights and environmental organisations.

Posterart, films, stencil and graffiti-art, photo exhibitions, readings – art-strikes.

In October of 2010, Berlin artists started was launched.

Now the Soundstrike-Movement includes artists and groups in the U.S. and Canada, in Germany, Poland, UK and Japan.
They support either their name or through concerts, exhibitions and events.

An “Art-Word-Sound-Strike” network against racism, war and environmental destruction.
For Peace and civil and human rights worldwide.

Berlin based artists who want to support the movement can have their names and websites added by contacting or contact Coop Cafe Rochstr.3 (Alexanderplatz) 030 25762764 after 6 pm

* sign up to support Berlin Soundstrike / or the Soundstrike USA
* announce own events, concerts, artshow etc. – publish online. as “Word / ART / Soundstrike” events.
  (flyers, DVDs, infomaterial, beamer, cameras available)
* link or post soundstrike on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter & other social networks

sign here:


Bands in den USA:

weitere Infos:



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