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Presidential candidate Herman Cain’s for

Presidential candidate Herman Cain’s foreign policy objectives – bizarre statements during interview with Fox News, Cain suggested that he wouldn’t see it as a problem to enter into full on military confrontation with Iran. Cain conceded that in order to deal with Iran he would “maximise the use of our Ballistic missile Defence capabilities.”” I Would double the use of ballistic missile capable ships,” Cain explained, adding “Iran understands only two things, economic pressure and military might.”
“So you’re going to put warships in the Gulf, because they’ll attack them, you know.” Fox host O’Reilly asked
“That would be perfectly alright, because I believe that we have superior capability.” Cain replied.
O’Reilly: “But then we’d be in a shooting war with Iran. Do you really want that?”
Cain: “I don’t want that, Bill. But if they fire first we have to defend ourselves.”
O’Reilly: “But isn’t that a provocation if you put warships off their coast?”
Cain: “No. They’ve already announced that they are going to put their ships off our coast in international waters.”
And boom, before you can say ‘hold the anchovies’, the U.S. is at war with Iran under a Cain presidency!
Watch the interview:


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