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Howard Zinn Memorial Lecture Series @ Oc

Howard Zinn Memorial Lecture Series @ Occupy Boston
Noam Chomsky @ Occupy Boston
Immanuel Ness and Elaine Bernard in a panel discussion on From Occupy to Workers Control sponsored by the Howard Zinn Memorial Lecture Series
Avi Chomsky discussing “Immigration and Occupy.”
Norman Finkelstein @ Occupy Boston
Bruno Bosteels @ Occupy Boston
Victor Wallis @ Occupy Boston
Michael Denning, Eli Jelly-Schapiro and Drew Hannon of the Working Group
on Globalization and Culture speaking at Occupy Boston
Paul Le Blanc speaking at Occupy Boston
Rick Wolff speaking at Occupy Boston


With the Occupy Movement bringing variou

With the Occupy Movement bringing various forms of injustice to the forefront of people’s consciousness, “Film the Police” is a reminder that cops have been a continued and increasingly militarized presence in public streets. Thanks to the widespread use of smartphones and video cameras, along with the popularity of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, the power of the media has been put back into the people’s hands as they document the injustices perpetrated by those who have sworn to serve and protect them.

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